Customized Design Work

CODE: CD-001

30.00 $


  • We can provide customized designs for those that don' t have a ready design to be printed, when using our " You Design - We Print" service.


  • Click on the photo or product, to open and read the full specification.

Minimum quantity for "Customized Design Work" is 1.

Customized System Demonstration


90.00 $

Customized System Demonstration.

Private on-line demonstrate on any optional system, and printing on objects according to your requirements if possible. The demo will last for one hour, and we will show what you want and answer all your questions to our best knowledge, based on 10 years experience.


Open the product by clicking the image for full description.

Minimum quantity for "Customized System Demonstration" is 1.

Customized System Support


90.00 $

Customized System Support.

Open the product by clicking the image for full description.


Sweets-Art.com or masterpiece-systems.com or MasterPiece Systems Co Ltd is not affiliated with, nor endorsed by Canon U.S.A., Inc. Our products, including Canon printers or Canon printer parts do not come with any warranty from Canon U.S.A., Inc and will not be supported by Canon U.S.A., Inc, in any way. The same is also valid for any other printer manufacturers such as HP, Encad, Epson.

Minimum quantity for "Customized System Support" is 1.

Certificate of Origin

CODE: CO-001

130.00 $

Certificate of origin and legalized export documents by Ministry of Commerce.

Minimum quantity for "Certificate of Origin" is 1.